Independent review report released

The 2020 Independent Review of the Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland has been released.

The review, conducted by cameron.ralph.khoury in early 2020 looked at how well the scheme was performing against the Benchmarks for industry-based customer dispute resolution.

These are:

  • Accessibility
  • Independence
  • Fairness
  • Accountability
  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness

The review, which was undertaken during COVID-19 restrictions, involved broad stakeholder consultation, in-depth analysis of EWOQ’s processes, procedures, data and management oversight mechanisms and review of a representative sample of recent disputes.

Submissions were invited via an issues paper and interviews were held with a selection of community representatives, scheme participants, and government bodies.

The review concluded that EWOQ meets all six benchmarks for Industry-based customer dispute resolution. The report outlined 26 recommendations to continue to improve our service, with many aligning with initiatives EWOQ has already undertaken or plans to do soon.

The review also found that ‘EWOQ operates with independence, fairly and impartially. It provides an accessible service that is accountable and transparent. EWOQ is, in our view, an effective ombudsman scheme’.

The independent review’s findings and recommendations provide valuable insights and advice for EWOQ and will be incorporated into its 2020-2024 strategic plan.

Read the full report and our response to the recommendations.