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To become a member of Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland, you need to submit an application.

Before you begin, read who needs to join EWOQ for further information, including:

  • when to submit your application
  • any costs associated with your membership
  • information for exempt sellers, including body corporates and billing agents.

Complete the relevant application below or contact us on 1800 662 837 or through the scheme membership enquiry form for further assistance.

Exempt seller application

If you are a residential electricity exempt seller, apply now to join Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland.

Authorised retailer application

If you are an authorised energy or water retailer, apply now to join Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland.

Privacy statement

We collect confidential information on this form as required by the Energy and Water Ombudsman Act 2006 (the Act).

Under the Act, we may provide some information to the public, such as publishing your organisation’s name and website link on our website.

We won’t disclose your personal information to any third party without your consent or unless authorised or required by law under the Information Privacy Act 2009.