Authority to act

If you have a complaint about your energy or water provider, you might want someone to contact us for you and talk to us about your complaint.

This could be a relative or friend, paid representative, or financial counsellor.

If you’re the account holder, we need your permission to speak to anyone about your problem. This is called ‘authority to act’.

If you give someone this authority, we can then:

  • ask that person for information
  • give information to that person
  • speak to that person as if we were speaking to you.

This authority remains valid for EWOQ interactions until you or the authorised person cancels it. Contact us to change or cancel this authority.

If you decide to pay someone to contact us, you can’t recover any of their fees from EWOQ or the company you’re making a complaint about.

However, our dispute resolution service is free, so you can choose to contact us directly or have a paid representative talk to us.

Complete the below online form or download our printable Authority to act form (PDF, 179.39 KB).

We may still call you to confirm this Authority to Act has been completed by you.

NOTE: If you are an exempt seller looking to nominate an authorised representative to act on your behalf as an Energy Entity with EWOQ, please complete our Exempt Seller Authority to Act form (PDF, 106.56 KB).

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