Embedded networks

What is an embedded network?

Diagram showing retirement village, apartments and caravan park connected to embedded networks.

Most people receive their power directly from an authorised electricity retailer. However, some people receive their electricity from a privately owned energy network called an embedded network.

Embedded networks are common in retirement villages, apartment complexes and caravan parks. The site owner or operator buys electricity from the grid and on-sells it to the residents.

This owner or operator is called an exempt seller because they need exemptions from the Australian Energy Regulator to operate networks and sell electricity.

A resident who buys their electricity from an exempt seller is called an exempt customer.

If you live or work in an embedded network, you should know your rights and obligations, and who to contact if you have questions.

I live in an embedded network

If you are an electricity customer living in an embedded network, you have access to our free, fair and independent dispute resolution service. We can help you with complaints about your electricity bill or your power supply.

The first thing to do if you have an issue with your electricity is contact your embedded network operator. Their details should be on your bill. You can also search if your embedded network is an EWOQ member by checking on our scheme participant search directory.

If your issue isn’t fixed or you’re unhappy with the outcome, contact us.

We can help with:

  • high bills and disputed accounts
  • credit issues, including default listings
  • access to payment plans, rebates and concessions
  • disconnection of supply
  • connection issues
  • poor customer service.

More information available in our embedded network customer brochure.

Read more about the complaints we can help you with.

I'm an exempt seller

If you run an embedded network, you must join EWOQ, giving your customers access to our free, fair and independent service.

This includes embedded network owners and operators with a class D2, D6, R2, R3, R4, ND2, ND6, NR2, NR3, NR4 or individual exemption.

Read who needs to join EWOQ for full details on the membership requirements, including:

  • requirements based on customer numbers
  • what to do if you’re a body corporate
  • what to do if you are or have a billing agent.

We provide exempt sellers with information to help them understand their obligations and how to work with us.

View our resources for exempt sellers: