Fraud and corruption prevention

EWOQ is committed to high standards of professional conduct and honest and ethical business practices. We have zero tolerance for fraud and corruption.

We are committed to preventing, detecting and responding to incidents of fraud and corruption, and maintaining a fraud and corruption prevention culture.

We have adopted the 10 key elements from the Fraud and Corruption Control – Best Practice Guide published by the Crime and Corruption Commission in our Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy.

We provide education and training in ethics and fraud awareness to all team members to ensure we all understand our responsibilities and obligations.

Making a fraud and corruption complaint

Please contact the Fraud and Corruption Prevention Officer (the General Manager – Strategy, Operations and Governance) to report suspected fraud or corruption, including complaints of suspected corrupt conduct by the Energy and Water Ombudsman:

  • Complete the contact form on our Contact us page, selecting 'Report fraud and corruption' as the enquiry type
  • Phone 1800 662 837 (ask to speak with the General Manager – Strategy, Operations and Governance)
  • Write to PO Box 3640, South Brisbane BC Qld 4101.