Our performance against the strategic plan

A 4-year strategic plan is prepared annually and describes our vision, objectives, strategic initiatives and performance indicators. The strategic plan informs our business plan, which details the activities we need to undertake to achieve our strategic objectives.

Key achievements

Our 2021-25 strategic plan identified 7 key strategic initiatives with the following key achievements in 2021-22:

Key achievements in 2021-22 for our key strategic initiatives.



Building future capabilities

Commenced work on a workforce planning strategy.

Focused on change management and project management skills and digital capabilities to build a workforce for tomorrow.

Contributing to reconciliation with First Nations people

Delivered the actions of the Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan, including cultural awareness training for team members and installing Traditional Acknowledgement signage at the entrance of each of our offices.

Partnered with an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned group training organisation to deliver a traineeship in our Cairns office.

Driving efficiencies and effectiveness

Implemented a business process mapping tool to drive efficiencies in our processes.

Implemented an asset management system. Developed a data strategy.

Ombudsman-led innovation and ideation sessions across teams to determine focus areas from the Working for Queensland results.

Enhancing member management

Implemented improvements to the scheme participant portal. Enhanced the onboarding process for new scheme participants. Enhanced reporting insights for scheme participants.

Introduced regular scheduled contact between dispute resolution  manager or team leaders and scheme participants to enhance continuous improvement.

Enriching customer experience

Continued our customer experience program with a focus on human-centred design and improved communication skills.

Worked on improving our digital accessibility and ensuring our website is accessible for all users.

Expanded jurisdiction (embedded networks)

Implemented new systems and processes to manage embedded network cases and welcome exempt sellers as members.

Raising awareness of our service

Introduced a new awareness raising strategy to suit a changing environment, including social media campaigns, hosting webinars and providing editorial content for niche publications.

Reviewing our customer relationship management solution

Commenced planning and investigating alternative options for a future customer relationship management solution for case management and stakeholder relations.

The key objectives of the 2021-25 strategic plan are customer, people, service and connections.

Our customer

We resolve complaints efficiently and effectively, communicating meaningfully and building trust with our customers. If we can’t help, we explain why and suggest who can.

  • We deliver fair and reasonable outcomes for consumers and members.
  • We listen to and respect our customers to build and maintain their trust.
  • Our teams have the skills to resolve wide-ranging problems for our internal and external customers.
Key achievements for our customers.



Achieve agreed targets in customer and member surveys

  • 82% overall customer satisfaction rate
  • 77% overall scheme participant satisfaction rate

Achieve agreed dispute resolution targets

  • 88% cases closed in less than 28 days (target: 80%)
  • 98% cases closed in less than 60 days (target: 90%)
  • less than 1% cases closed in more than 90 days (target: <5%)

Continuously improve quality and customer service

  • 6% (244) of complaints were assessed as part of quality assurance performance cycle and performance results were discussed with team members as part of performance improvements
  • 277 customer survey responses received, with the associated complaints reviewed   against the quality performance measures
  • 9 complaints received about our service. Of these, 3 complaints resulted in further action and 6 complaints resulted in no further action

Our people

We are committed problem solvers, working together to improve our service and ourselves. Our values guide our motivations and our outcomes.

  • We attract, develop and retain committed professionals who are motivated by our values
  • We have an empowered, high-performing and resilient team
  • We build the capabilities of our people and develop their skills.
Key achievements for our people.



Increase engagement result of Working for Queensland (WFQ) survey

  • 63% agency engagement (6% higher than Queensland public sector result)

Retain My Workgroup factor result in the top quartile (>75%) of WFQ comparison data

  • 83% for My Workgroup factor (6% higher than the Queensland public sector result)

Professional development completed

  • 99% compliance-related training completed, including code of conduct, fraud control, privacy, risk management and   workplace bullying
  • 78% of corporate training completed, including human-centred design, plain English, meeting protocols, cyber security, and cultural awareness

Our service

We provide a free, fair and independent dispute resolution service, which is evolving with the changing landscape of our sector.

  • We embrace change and adapt to emerging technologies
  • Our business is accountable, efficient and effective.
Key achievements for our service.



Invest in our systems and processes to ensure they remain fit for purpose

  • introduced a change advisory board to assess change requests, including:
    • 32 change requests implemented in the case management system (Resolve)
    • 3 change requests implemented for the telephony system (Genesys)
    • 4 major change requests implemented in the member portal and website to include embedded network providers in our jurisdiction.

Deliver our services effectively within the required, agreed response targets

  • produced stakeholder reports within agreed timeframes
  • risk reviews completed on time
  • media inquiries acknowledged within 24 hours and 100% responded to within  required timeframes
  • financial reporting provided within agreed timeframes
  • systems and website available >99.9% of the time

Our connections

We create impact through our connections, raising awareness of our service among communities who may need us and providing value to our members and industry.

  • Everyone who needs our help knows who we are and how to contact us
  • We educate consumers about how we can help with energy and water issues
  • We collaborate with community organisations who support energy and water consumers
  • We connect and influence our stakeholders to improve outcomes for the sector.
Key achievements for our connections.



Share our insights and experiences to collaboratively improve the sector for all

  • 15 policy submissions completed
  • 5 ANZOA member meetings and 6 ANZEWON meetings attended by the Ombudsman
  • 8 ANZOA interest group meetings attended by team members each quarter

Provide information to help our stakeholders understand and help resolve the issues their customers are experiencing

  • 211 stakeholder events with members and regulators attended
  • 153 potential systemic issues were identified, and 91 systemic issue notices sent to scheme participants
  • provided scheme participants with regular reporting on cases
  • complaint statistics published monthly on website and Queensland Government open data portal
  • published 22 timely and informative articles and case studies on   our website

Meet with communities across the state via in-person and virtual methods

  • 86 community outreach events attended, including interagency networks and family fun days
  • presented at the 2022 Financial Counselling Australia national conference and 10 online forums, and hosted 2 webinars for   financial counsellors and community workers

Increase awareness of our service through a variety of traditional and digital channels

  • added Instagram as a social media channel
  • 15% increase in total follower count across 4 social media   profiles (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter)
  • 63% increase in total social media reach
  • 16% increase in website page views
  • 9 electronic newsletters published reaching an audience of 6,381

See the official copy of the 2021-22 annual report, as tabled in the Legislative Assembly of Queensland, on the Queensland Parliament's tabled papers website.