Corporate documents

Find our corporate publications, including strategies and frameworks, and links to more about our corporate governance.

Annual report

Our reports on our activities and achievements throughout the year.

Corporate governance framework

How the Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland scheme is directed, controlled and held to account.

Memorandums of understanding

Our current memorandums of understanding with various organisations within the energy sector and government.

Open data

Information about our overseas travel, consultancy spending, use of translators and complaint statistics.

Our policies

The policies and procedures that help us perform our role and meet our responsibilities.

Reconciliation action plan

The strategy for how we intend to contribute to national reconciliation and help create positive change for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Strategic plan

A 4-year view of our organisation and key priorities.


Our responses to consultations by various regulatory, government and non-government agencies

Customer charter

Outlining our commitment to our customers.

Integrity framework

How we support objectivity, ethics, honesty and accountability in our decisions.