Concession confusion on gas account

A customer provided her Health Card Card details to her gas provider two years ago, but was she eligible for a rebate?

A customer provided her Health Care Card details to her gas provider to receive the Reticulated Natural Gas Rebate. However, two years later she discovered the rebate hadn’t been applied to her account. In the meantime, the customer had also become eligible for a Pension Concession Card.

The customer contacted her gas provider who confirmed the Health Card Card details had been listed on the account since 2018. They said they would escalate the matter and contact her back.

The customer contacted EWOQ when her gas provider didn’t get back in touch as promised.

We investigated the case and established the customer had provided the gas provider with her Health Care Card. However, the Reticulated Natural Gas Rebate was not applied to the account as Health Care Concession Card holders in Queensland are not eligible for the rebate on gas accounts.

The customer’s Pension Concession Card received in June 2020 was valid, so she would be eligible to receive the rebate from that date onwards.

To resolve the matter, the gas provider apologised to the customer for the poor customer service and credited $150 to the account, which equated to two years of the rebate. They also offered a one-month payment extension.

NOTE: A Commonwealth Health Care Card holder is only eligible for the Queensland Electricity Rebate, not the Reticulated Natural Gas Rebate.

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